Through mentoring, education and support, Parenting With Purpose will bring healing, restoration and liberty to families affected by incarceration.

 Individualized guidance that helps parents maintain a healthy lifestyle…

Inmate fathers and mothers who complete these classes and desire additional individualized parenting support are then linked to a “Brothers’ Keeper” or “Sisters’ Keeper.” A personalized volunteer support system, Brothers’ Keeper or Sisters’ Keeper ensures that the parent will be connected with a positive influence, someone who will be a source of emotional support, spiritual guidance, hope, and encouragement. Brothers’ Keepers or Sisters’ Keeper serve as parenting coaches in assisting inmates as they parent their children from inside the prison and even after release, helps to maintain and strengthen inmate parents’ personal commitment to be positive influences in the lives of their children. Learn how to get involved.


  • Break the cycle of crime within families
  • Re-establish, strengthen and maintain the emotional connection between parent and child
  • Increase positive parental involvement in their children’s education, behavior and well-being at home, in school and in the community
    • Reduce the rate of recidivism
  • Decrease the chances of self-destructive behavior
  • Improve relationships between youth, parent and caregiver
  • Improve school attendance and academic achievement
  • Improve behavior in the home, school and community