Through mentoring, education and support, Parenting With Purpose will bring healing, restoration and liberty to families affected by incarceration.

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How does your donation make a difference?

Your donations support programs like mentoring, monthly support groups and school visits.

Support Youth Ages 5-25

in the Mentoring for Life Change program with one-on-one and group mentoring for youth affected by a parent’s incarceration. Role models are matched with kids in need to demonstrate healthy adult life-styles, positive family relationships and spiritual vitality. These dedicated volunteer mentors work with youth both during a parent’s incarceration as well as after their parent’s release.

School visits

To help youth improve academics and stay in school through monitoring academics, attendance and behavior to address any issues and praise good reports.

Overcomers Group

Monthly support groups bring kids together to experience a positive and encouraging environment. Youth receive a healthy lunch (prepared by Lunches of Love), a message of hope and encouragement, and an opportunity to talk among peers with similar backgrounds.

Parenting Classes

Taught by “Coach” Paul Strong are designed to meet the unique needs of inmates who desire to learn how to become better parents, restore and strengthen their family relationships, and build a strong foundation in their homes. These classes give new hope to parents in order to break the cycle of crime within families; decrease self-destructive behavior; and increase positive parents’ involvement in their children’s education, behavior and well-being.

Support Families in Need

With mentoring/coaching and home visits, help finding a place to live and a job, plus trips to the blessing closet. Individualized guidance for emotional support, hope, and encouragement strengthens parental commitment to be positive influences in the lives of their children.

Connect released parents to housing, employment and basic needs

PWP provides referrals for employment, schooling, housing, furniture, food and clothing to create the opportunity for parents to live productive lives once they are released back into their homes and our communities.

PWP’s Blessing Closet

Provides access to basic household supplies. All items are free and donated by generous individuals, churches and corporate partners.

2019 PWP Donation Goal=$205,000