The Fourth Day of Christmas

ceara-and-kids-croppedOn the Fourth Day of Christmas,

Ceara Got a Job!

Ceara is a new participant in the PWP Sister’s Keeper mentor program for moms released from jail or prison. We are helping her deal with many issues in her life, including regaining custody of her son after being addicted to drugs and living a criminal lifestyle. Since her release, Ceara has been working closely with PWP Co-Founder Lori Strong to become a better mom and stay out of prison. She is doing wonderfully well, recently got a job and loves it! When her 11-year-old son visits, they attend church and Ceara is getting closer and closer to regaining custody of him! Her son joined PWP’s Mentoring For Life Change Program in November and we are thrilled to have them be part of the PWP family.

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